Verlet Drawing

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Verlet Drawing is one of my ambitious javascript project. I admit that it is also one of my poorly written project ever although i learned many things about javascript, code smells, and refactoring after finishing this project.

I implemented many features in Verlet drawing, including Undo Redo with CTRL+Z and Y drawing each and every point and sticks individually and also even saving a JSON file, which will actually save all the points and constraints's positions.

Verlet Drawing is built by using my 1st verlet physics engine called Verlet.js, don't confuse it with Verly.js. Verly.js is more robust and way much better than verlet.js.

well I'm not going to go deep into the codebase and explaining step by step how everything works here is just a basic overview

How It Works?

If you had read my blog post about Making a Verlet Physics Engine in Javascript then you will know that every verlet physics simulation has two main components - dots and sticks, so you can basically add points and create sticks with the mouse.client positions and save them in an array and update the simulation accordingly in real-time.

What did I learned from this project?

When I started this project, I was not that good in javascript, and I also did not know how all the modern cool syntactic sugar works and what even OOP means. so basically I just jumped into this project and started working, and after finishing this project I realized my mistakes, and I tried to fix my mistakes with my later projects and progression on my javascript knowledge, things that I learned from this projects are

  • Writing clean code is necessary
  • Modularizing and refactoring is mandatory
  • Learning & applying design patterns is always a good idea
  • There's no coding knowledge barrier for doing an ambitious project