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Hi, I'm Anurag Hazra

Passionate Web Designer

Simplicity Is The Baddest choice To Be The Best

Anurag Hazra
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My Designs Are


I am a graphics designer first so i will ensure that all of my websites look awesome.


Websites dont have to be static, My websites are very interactive to the users.


My layouts looks good on all devices, desktops, tablets or mobiles.


I make websites that are very creative and unique on its own. so its looks gorgeous

Side ⚝ Projects

Evolution Aquerium

Evolution Aquerium is based on Craig Reynold's Steering Behaviors and Flocking System. It's also implements Genetic Algorithm and mutations.

My Mentor Daniel Shiffman showcased this on his Youtube Channel at TheCodingTrain.

And i was very happy about the humble feedback sir Daniel Shiffman gave to me. it just boosted my confidence more and more. and motivated me to make this project better.

  • Implements : Steering Behaviors Genetic Algorithm
  • Languages : HTML5, JavaScript
  • Tools : Vector.js

Verlet Drawing

Verlet Drawing is a physics based drawing app. made with verlet.js as a showcase of its capabilities

  • Implements : Verlet physics
  • Languages : HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Tools : Verlet.js, uiu.js

Classic Logo

Classic Logo is a LOGO Interpreter Made With HTML5 Canvas. it Implements all of the basic LOGO commands and also repeat command. it also got mentioned in Daniel Shiffman's Youtube Channel TheCodingTrain

  • Implements : LOGO Programming
  • Languages : HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Tools : p5.js

Creative Chat

Creative Chat is a realtime fun chatting app. where users can draw with colors in the canvas and communicate trough art

  • Implements : NodeJS
  • Languages : Javascript, NodeJS, Heroku
  • Tools :

Simple Rockets

Simple Rockets is a online multiplayer game made with NodeJS and all of the players can join the game with their unique name and play.

  • Implements : NodeJS Multiplayer
  • Languages : Javascript, NodeJS, Heroku
  • Tools :


WebGL.js is a simplistic High level WEBGL library with easy to use API. it features all basic webgl function as well as adding Materials, Shaders and Models etc.

  • Implements : WEBGL
  • Languages : Javascript
  • Tools : glMatrix.js

Javascript Libraries


verlet.js is a 2D Physics Simulation Engine. verlet.js is used for creating rapid and fast verlet physics based models and structures. i was developing this engine for about 4 months and made a electron based desktop drawing application on top of it.


Atomic.js is Greatly Simple 2D Physics Engine. It is a collision detection and resolution engine. Can be used in 2d HTML5 games and 2d physics simulations. it uses SAT (Seperation Axis Theorem) Collision Detection and mass seperation collision resolution.


Candy.js is CanvasAPI Rendering Toolkit Library. Candy.js is highly inspired by p5.js's methods and functions. but it is more geared towards simplicity and utility functions.

Creative Coding Projects

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    This is the shorthand for flex-grow, flex-shrink and flex-basis combined. The second and third parameters (flex-shrink and flex-basis) are optional. Default is 0 1 auto.


About Me

Anurag Hazra

Hi. My name is anurag hazra i am a graphics designer from ramakrishna mission shilpamandira. I Started designing from my childhood with drawing books and crayons. but as i grow up, i want to do something different so my creativity lead me to computers, at first i do some paintings in M.S Paint and M.S PowerPoint. i also dig up game's textures and models and it give me a great joy to do 3D Modeling. So I Started Blender.. and make some photorealistic designings on my own. and when i join at RKMSCC my self-confidence increased more and more. and started Vector And Raster graphics as well as web designs and web developing got my intrest. and i decided to learn HTML,CSS,JavaScript. my RKMSCC teacher taught me HTML and CSS and i learned JavaScript from W3Schools. and got advanced in it. i also make some small games in JavaScript. and make some websites and experiments with web developing i also started some js libraries like jQuery, Angular and also started PHP, AJAX, MySQL etc..

Abani hazra
Rama hazra
Anurag hazra
  • DOB : 1/1/2001
  • Resume : Graphics Designer
  • Expertise In : Web Design & Development
  • Certified By : RKMSCC


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